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The heart of our academy goes back in time to one-room school houses, where students are able to learn at their own pace and students are able to learn faster as they help other students. So instead of providing the answer, they are developing critical thinking by helping other students provide the answer.


Through our academy’s unique partnership with Liberty University Online Academy, students will receive an accredited, personalized, educational experience as unique as their fingerprint. A smaller student to teacher ratio allows our students to receive more attention from a licensed professional.


Throughout a day at our "one-room school house," students will learn valuable time management skills, develop their social skills, learn how to start a business, develop life skills, while learning in an environment that enables them to learn most effectively. Joining the best of technology-based courses with a live, in-person teacher, our hope is that students become well-rounded, critical thinkers prepared for life.


Our curriculum through Liberty University Online Academy is designed to meet and exceed Virginia state standards set forth through the Virginia Department of Education, which is ranked fourth in the United States.


Our mission is to educate the minds and hearts of tomorrow’s leaders through Christ-centered education.

Bottom line: Our school day has the components found in a traditional school, but we manage those components differently. The focus is to provide a better educational experience. Students are individuals and should be able to work at their own pace and be quickly supported when they have questions. There is a smaller licensed teacher/student ratio to promote individual attention, and we also encourage students to help one another.  We have projects to reinforce and apply learning to take it from book knowledge to real world use and applications. We also promote development of the complete individual—intellectually, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

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