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The address of the facility is 2012 International Parkway Fredericksburg, VA 22406.

The modern facility will consist of 8 breakout rooms, a serving area, large lobby, auditorium, and an indoor area. 

The video provided by our architect provides a rendering on what it looks like without much of our fixtures, furnishings, and play area.


The security of the students, staff, and volunteers will be important at The Ridge Academy, just as it is with Summer At The Ridge and South Ridge Church. We’ll be equipped with computerized check in/check out systems and security devices, including cameras throughout the facility for security.

Background Checks

Like with Summer At The Ridge and South Ridge Church, all staff members and volunteers will be background checked with national, state, and local searches. Our drivers have had their driving records checked. Everyone has been cleared by the background checks. 

Check In & Check Out

For administrative and security purposes, all children and families will be registered in our computerized data system. Parents will be given a personalized pin, which is the last four digits of the number listed at registration, for quick and easy check in and check out. Only persons registered in the database will be permitted to check children in and out from school (which are our same protocols at Summer At The Ridge). 


For example: During pickup, Sara comes to pick up her daughter Camryn at 1:15 pm for an appointment. Sara will come through the front double doors and then provide her code, which is the last four digits of the phone number 7970. After the number checks out, someone from our team will radio for Camryn to be picked up by her mom. 

Family Profiles

Maintaining accurate family profiles is necessary for security and to enable immediate contact with parents when necessary. Please be accurate with family information when submitting applications. We encourage you to update your personal profile whenever family data changes, and if you need assistance, someone is here to help. 


A child's health and safety is our priority at The Ridge Academy, like it is with Summer At The Ridge and South Ridge Church. Our staff will be well trained in safety practices, and our lead staff will be certified and trained in CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, and EpiPen procedures. Lead staff members are equipped with a two-way radio to allow them contact with each other at all times.


Just like Summer At The Ridge, The Ridge Academy will be licensed and approved by the state of VA as a religious exempt organization. All Fire and Health Inspections, student/staff ratios, staff health and background screenings meet and exceed all code requirements.


You are entrusting us with your children and we take that responsibility very seriously. Therefore, we are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all our students, staff, and volunteers.

Depending on the number of students registered for the school year, some activities and field trips students may be separated into two groups: Pre-K-1st grade and 2nd-5th grade.

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