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We believe that morning meetings help provide an opportunity for students to share news, to celebrate when another student does something worth celebrating. We believe in the importance of challenging students with Socratic discussions to develop critical thinking. Morning meetings include hands-on world projects.

Preschoolers will be offered free play during morning meetings for K-5th grade.


We believe that offering STEAM each week will support our mission of investing in the minds of young children through fun and rewarding activities. STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. 


Imagine young children having an opportunity to learn how all truth is God’s truth. Imagine investing in the potential of our next generation, especially those who would not have a chance otherwise. Imagine the impact this kind of education can have on future leaders in the marketplace and the church. 


We stay on target by focusing on fun, participation, physical fitness, skill development and teamwork. Activities suitable to the physical abilities of the various age groups include: Gaga Ball, Soccer, Football, Frisbee, Bombardment, 9 Square in the Air, Wall Ball, Floor Hockey, Four Square, Spike Ball, and Kick Ball.


We believe in the value of engaging childrens' minds, bodies, and hearts with activities and trips away from campus. 


Field trips may include:​​​​

  • Curtis Park

  • Monroe Park and Trails

  • Pool

  • Nature Centers

  • Local Museums 

  • Local Farms

These field trips are included in tuition. These are not additional costs to parents.

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