Our staff includes: a professional educator licensed by the state of Virginia, who manages our academy; professional teachers licensed by the state of Virginia through Liberty University Online Academy; parents with college degrees; and an executive director with a masters in Education, who oversees the programs of South Ridge Church, including Summer At The Ridge


Our staff is well trained in safety practices, and our lead staff is certified and trained with Ministry Safe and safety procedures (CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, and EpiPen procedures). Summer At The Ridge is licensed and approved by the state of Virginia as a religious exempt organization. All Fire and Health Inspections, student/staff ratios, staff health and background screenings meet and exceed all code requirements.

As a group, our staff is a strong team and they make our academy a special place for kids.​

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Melissa Spicer, Academy Director


Jenny Geyer, Program Coordinator

Chelsea Noonan, Teaching Assistant

Not pictured:

Jeff Geyer, Executive Director


Kelley Miller, Bookkeeper